SQUEEEE!!! the garden lives

WP_20150623_014During the end of May I decided to finally start my garden. If I was anywhere else that would have been WAY late but I’m in Fairbanks Alaska so it’s quite normal.


It is expensive as hell to start from young plants but I hadn’t gotten any seeds started and I had enough to do it. Won’t say how much it was for a few plants *Cough*250*Cough* To be fair though I bought three bags of soil and two of the plants were very large already bearing blooms and baby veggies.

WP_20150623_012I have attempted gardens in the past and they have proven to be unsuccessful to say the least. With that in mind I didn’t have high hopes but have been thrilled with the results……… minus the one casualty, the cucumber. We had a pretty cold couple of nights and even though the tag thing SAID cold hardy it was a LIE. Everything else LOVED the cold….. Bunch of weirdo plants I tell ya.

WP_20150623_010I was able to use a couple old tires my mother in law had laying around for the zucchini and then the pot the zucchini came in for the tomato plant which has just exploded. There were other various pots laying around that I was able to use for the two pepper plants and the lettuce once it was ready to transplant.

WP_20150623_024I had been saving bottles which I drilled holes along the bottom and one side. I only did about 6 holes going up (two rows of three staggered). I used the bottles as self watering things so all I’d have to do is fill those and not have to worry about the water getting on the plant and causing damage. I love how easy it is to water. I have them in all the pots except the baby basil and the oregano in the rectangle planter box.

WP_20150623_026 WP_20150623_007WP_20150530_007

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