Aquaponics set up plan

After a ton of research and looking at peoples designs I have finally settled on a vertical set up with the top half of it being PVC pipe roof gutters filled with a gravel/ leca clay and then below those a grow box or two. When I went scouting for materials I couldn’t find the needed PVC so I looked at the rain gutters and they are so much more practical and cheaper.vertical I’m planning on having the whole system be about 6 feet tall with the length 3 feet. On the back of the diagonal I’m planning on lining it with reflective surface and on top of that chicken wire to allow vine plants to grow up or down it.Ill also have the reflective stuff on the inside of the top portion. The grow box is going to be filled with the plants that need to spread out more then the others. Once I start assembling it I will post the updates. Take care and chime in if you have any comments! All advice is welcome.

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