Auto watering pop bottle planter

WP_20150628_006So, as many of my ideas begin, I saw a GREAT idea on Pintrest, a 2 Liter self watering soda bottle planter with a fishie in the bottom part. Off to the pond up the road that my sister in-law has put goldfish into……… Truth be told I’ve only ever seen one in the whole thing so it was a doomed mission from the beginning. Regardless though I though of a new idea.

WP_20150628_001I decided to filter out some of the pond water to remove all the bug larvae (I don’t particularly want bugs in my house and since there aren’t any fishies in it they wouldn’t get eaten. I used the pond water as a test run to see if it will kill my plants. I saw on a site that I can use local pond water to help speed up the cycling in my aquaponics system that I’m going to get starting sometimes this next week.

WP_20150628_003Once the water was filtered I then cut a large circle out of a flour sack towel that I had laying around. i pulled the middle through the top to create the self watering aspect.

WP_20150628_004I then got my plant and put it in the top half being careful not to get the soil on the outside of the towel.

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