Frame built finally

WP_20150704_010Well I have finally been able to make the frame I was wanting to build for my system. I forgot to add a top over hang for the lights though so I will have to do that once I get the time  and my reflective material comes in the mail.

The system definitely cost more than I was thinking it would. I was able to cut some costs though. For instance, I used rain gutter instead of the typical 4 in PVC pipe so the cost was $4 as opposed to $16/ 10 feet but then with that gutter I needed to buy the brackets (I was originally thinking that I would use rope to tie them to the diagonal beams) I also needed to make sure I had the end caps and a sealant. I was going to get the end caps that had the seal in them but while I was at the store I couldn’t figure out the trick to get the damn things onto the end of the gutters. The dang brackets and end caps were almost $4 EACH!!!!! so that added up fast. I was able to use decent priced 2x4s for the frame.

WP_20150703_001I found myself needing to buy a lot of the needed tools as well so adding that into the cost sucked but I LOVE the miter saw I got.

If all of this works right I will update this post with a shopping list of what to buy. (tools not included)

fish refillI decided to use a clear tub for my fish and water mainly because I want my kids to be able to see and interact with them. I do plan on hooking up a tall 33 Gal trash can I acquired to the side of the clear tub so as water empties out of it the water from the 33 gallon fills it up to a certain spot and stops. I will have to see how much my pump pulls though.

WP_20150704_005It took me a couple tries to get the angles right for the stupid diagonal and in the end i had to do some finagaling to get the right angle cut. Getting the screws in at an angle was a Beach until I remembered that awhile back I had bout a Kerg jig but for whatever unknown reason I didn’t buy the clamp so when I went to the store I got it and O MY GOD I LOVE THAT THING!!!!! It is sooo easy to get the perfect depth and angle needed. WP_20150704_007

In a couple days I will be putting the whole thing together to see how it runs. then if all goes well I will be starting the month long cycle to build up the needed bacteria in the system. It probably wont need that long since I am using some pond water from a pond near my house but I want to make sure that the grow medium is nice and ready.

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3 thoughts on “Frame built finally

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  2. I love it! I’m reading through all your posts on your system. I’m so glad you found something to work, even with all your adjustments! Just a note on the fish tank- I love the idea of it being clear so your kids can see the fish, I’m sure they are getting a kick out of that! If you start having to much algae build up, cover the tank for a while. The extra sun can cause the algae to grow faster and ultimately the algae, if left to grow too long, can eat up the good nutrients in your water.

    I’ll keep following you, I can’t wait to see how things work out!


    • Thank you for the tip about the algae. Once I have all of the levels steady I plan on getting an algae eater fish, I am not sure of the scientific name. The sun isn’t directly hitting the tub so I’m hoping that it will kind of keep the algae at bay.
      I’m glad that you are enjoying the system. It is defiantly a work in progress. 🙂


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