Happy plants

I have some super happy plant so far.
I pulled four tomato plants I had growing because they just weren’t happy so I’ll need to do a little more research about how to keep them happy.

Awhile back I had started an avocado tree from one I had bought. I had forgotten about it until it caught my eye. It had begun to grow a stem. 😊 I had tried to start some peppers but they were taking so long that they were molding instead of sprouting because my water just isn’t warm enough. So I took one of those pots and planted the avocado. As you can see he’s quite happy.
 I have 5 cucumbers going that all seem quite happy. I thought I had more than one lemon cucumber started but only one seems to be an oddball out of the 5.

A bean plant has gotten quite cozy with a spaghetti squash.

The beans I put in the vertical garden are growing inches by the day, literally. I can almost sit and watch them grow. I’m still trying to figure out how to guide their growing. I moved them into the front as opposed to the back as in this picture.

All in all, everyone seems super happy, except the failed peppers and tomato plants.

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