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2 Week update

635733657046868618As promised here is a 2 week update. So I have 0 patience and as a result was fiddling with the plants and killed a couple, oops. There was originally a bean in the bottom gutter but while trying to move it to where it would get better light I snapped the main root. But regardless I had done an experiment with a few squash seeds I had saved from a Spaghetti squash and an acorn squash. One of them did GREAT the other not so much. I can’t tell you which is which because I’m kinda a space case and forgot to mark them. I am super excited about the fact that one of them had 100% rate. There were roughly 8 seeds all germinated. I also decided to add some Basil seeds to the top gutter and they have all begun to germinate and make yummy yummy basil!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! I LOVE me some basil. 635733655548994498

Eventually I will be transplanting the squash into a larger system using either gallon containers or 2 litters The 2 litters might be easier to find the needed hardware. I’m going to make a cool light fixture s well which I’m excited about. I’m pretty sure that my boyfriend thinks I have gone garden crazy. The kids love the fish. 635733658769465028


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Auto watering pop bottle planter

WP_20150628_006So, as many of my ideas begin, I saw a GREAT idea on Pintrest, a 2 Liter self watering soda bottle planter with a fishie in the bottom part. Off to the pond up the road that my sister in-law has put goldfish into……… Truth be told I’ve only ever seen one in the whole thing so it was a doomed mission from the beginning. Regardless though I though of a new idea.

WP_20150628_001I decided to filter out some of the pond water to remove all the bug larvae (I don’t particularly want bugs in my house and since there aren’t any fishies in it they wouldn’t get eaten. I used the pond water as a test run to see if it will kill my plants. I saw on a site that I can use local pond water to help speed up the cycling in my aquaponics system that I’m going to get starting sometimes this next week.

WP_20150628_003Once the water was filtered I then cut a large circle out of a flour sack towel that I had laying around. i pulled the middle through the top to create the self watering aspect.

WP_20150628_004I then got my plant and put it in the top half being careful not to get the soil on the outside of the towel.

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Beta Fish Start

InstagramCapture_b828490c-cdb2-44af-b95b-22b6b4f32e84Well I bought a beta fish and put a Basil plant over the top f it. Will know in a couple days if I killed the Basil or the fish. If this works, watch out house you’re getting bombed by fish and basil, which by the way one can NEVER have too much basil growing.

Day later update:

The fish died…… BUUUUT the Basil seems to be doing good. I’m going to give it a couple days then go get a new fishie.

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