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Update 2.2

Well the first attempt at an update deleted so here I go again.

WP_20150809_004 WP_20150809_007 All of the original plants are doing great minus the lettuce I had attempted. But I pulled that and used the space to help squash seedlings and some tomato clipping I had experimented with that actually worked great. đŸ™‚


WP_20150806_007WP_20150806_004Since everything is doing so well I knew I would need an addition. After looking on Instagram I found a post where a person had used the downspout for rain gutters instead of PVC. I had actually thought about doing this myself but could not figure out how I would close off the ends. Once I saw how they had done theirs it only made sense. Use the curved parts one end facing up and the other down. DUH!!!! I cant say whether they are cheaper then what PVC would be but I know it was easier for me to find than large PVC.

I had a hard time trying to figure out how I would get the water flow evenly distributed between the 4 tubes. I ended up dividing the main flow into two then each of those branches into another two. I don’t have the pump right now, I’m still waiting for it to come in the mail so I can’t test to see how well it works. I also haven’t cemented anything so I’m kinda worried bout leaks. Where everything is it is really hard for me to get in and cement it all how it should be. That and that shit STINKS!


WP_20150806_006WP_20150804_005I also created a light stand using an idea I got from pintrest Here. I did mine in a continual strand. It was a lot easier than I though it would be. 1 inch PVC pipe works wonderful for the light fixtures to fit into perfectly. I had to remove a little metal bracket thing first. I didn’t paint it or anything fancy just connected the pieces and wallah!!! Light fixture. Everything for the light thing was about $65. Put in the fact that I can add to this that is pretty damn cheap. The blasted connectors were the most expensive. Too bad 1/2 Inch doesn’t work it’s about half the price.

I made a reflective blanket tat I just laid over the top. I can lift up one corner to access the plants. I have the lights coming in the mail with the pump so in about 2 weeks I will have another update bout how the plants are doing! đŸ™‚



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