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Syrup recipe

So round freaking 3 of trying to do this post.

WP_20150811_001Over the past couple of weeks I have been out picking a conglomerate of berries in search of the ultimate berry, the Alaskan blueberry. *dun dun dun* Yea I never found em. Sneaky little buggers went ripe way early this year and got gobbled up by the more berry savvy people than myself.

Realizing the fact that I wasn’t going to find any I went in search of a yummy jam recipe. I don’t know the first thing about jelly or jam but one thing I discovered, there are four things needed; berries, pectin, jars and heat. The REAL trick is getting that mixture just freaking right.

For mine these are the amounts of everything I used; 4 cups of… Chopped rhubarb, pears, pre frozen rosehips and high bush cranberries. (the freezing was required since even those buggers are almost past ripe and its only the first couple weeks in freaking August. So to mimic first frost BAM the hooman freezer)…. The final bit was a mix of low bush cranberries and what are called crowberries. (I froze this mix as well because of the cranberries) This mix amounted to give or take 4 cups. (heavy on the give side of that equation)

WP_20150811_007I combined it all into a LARGE pot with just enough water to cover everything and let it simmer. I only did about 30 minutes but I strongly recommend an hour to a hour and a half. (I added some cloves in at this simmering stage and think it added to the flavor. Gave it a homey flavor.)

When it was done I then extracted the juices from everything. I recommend that if you have a juicer use it. I tried blending some and that was a HORRIBLE idea. It obviously made a big ass goopy mess… I was sleep deprived. Shoosh judgments lol. Trying to get the juices at that point was ALMOST not worth it.

Once all the juice was extracted I put the juices back into the large pot and used about 6 cups of sugar (if you use crowberries I’d recommend only about 4-5 cups as they are really sweet. Although the six was well received by tasters.) I only had 1- 4.something oz size pectin container the store sells. With this amount use more…. Like 5-6. The one container will make a syrup.

WP_20150811_009Bring the mix to a rolling boil for about 5-8 minutes stirring constantly. ( the juices will double in volume so be sure to have a large enough pot you can use. I didn’t the first time….)

WP_20150811_010Put the mix into whatever jars you are wanting to than secure the lids and give them a water bath for approximately 5-7 minutes, until the lids no longer pop up and down. The water shouldn’t come up over the lids but if it does I wouldn’t stress it. It did with some of mine and they all turned out fine.

Happy jelly making.

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